Source code for txzmq.factory

ZeroMQ Twisted factory which is controlling ZeroMQ context.
from zmq import Context

from twisted.internet import reactor

[docs]class ZmqFactory(object): """ I control individual ZeroMQ connections. Factory creates and destroys ZeroMQ context. :var reactor: reference to Twisted reactor used by all the connections :var ioThreads: number of IO threads ZeroMQ will be using for this context :vartype ioThreads: int :var lingerPeriod: number of milliseconds to block when closing socket (terminating context), when there are some messages pending to be sent :vartype lingerPeriod: int :var connections: set of instanciated :class:`ZmqConnection` :vartype connections: set :var context: ZeroMQ context """ reactor = reactor ioThreads = 1 lingerPeriod = 100 trigger = None
[docs] def __init__(self): """ Constructor. Create ZeroMQ context. """ self.connections = set() self.context = Context(self.ioThreads)
def __repr__(self): return "ZmqFactory()"
[docs] def shutdown(self): """ Shutdown factory. This is shutting down all created connections and terminating ZeroMQ context. Also cleans up Twisted reactor. """ for connection in self.connections.copy(): connection.shutdown() self.connections = None self.context.term() self.context = None if self.trigger: try: self.reactor.removeSystemEventTrigger(self.trigger) except Exception: pass # just ignore while triggered by the reactor
[docs] def registerForShutdown(self): """ Register factory to be automatically shut down on reactor shutdown. It is recommended that this method is called on any created factory. """ self.trigger = self.reactor.addSystemEventTrigger( 'during', 'shutdown', self.shutdown )